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Outsourcing to a freelancer Vs Outsourcing to a company

Offshoring business operations, whether conducted with a freelancer or a company, is a tried and tested technique towards expanding and building on your range of organizational activities while still being able to maintain prime focus on your core activities. Although the question still arises, which option is better: outsourcing to a freelancer or outsourcing to a company? Let’s take a look at the variables for both of these approaches.

  1. Shared Expertise: An offshore company consists of a large team that works together and shares a collective knowledge base. In the case of expertise hurdles they are able to assess a situation better and make well informed decisions with greater precision. This condition is not met the same way by freelancers as they operate alone. Hence, when you’re outsourcing to a freelancer, processes may take longer in comparison to outsourcing to a company.

  2. Heightened Reliability: When choosing an offshore option, reliability is a prime consideration as certain processes such as software development or HR recruitment require feedback, updates and maintenance. It is much more likely for a freelancer to ghost your project after completion as compared to an offshore company as these companies have a stronger reputation to maintain and greater liability in the case of contract neglect. This brings us to our next variable.

  3. Legal Binding: Outsourcing to a company is always a more secure option when considering offshoring operations since these companies offer data security assurance, are usually willing to sign legal documents such as NDAs and are usually well established and more professional as compared to freelancers. Outsourcing to a freelancer may not always result in your data and processes being in the safest of hands.

  4. Superior Quality: Since most freelancers work on an hourly basis or on a project basis, sometimes adhering to strict deadlines, they may compromise on output quality in order to move to the next client or process and still end up costing more. Outsourcing to a company results in a higher quality output as outsourcing companies have better project management tools and a larger team at their disposal. Projects are more likely to be delivered on time and with greater efficiency.

  5. Project management: Let’s say you aren’t happy with your final output when outsourcing to a freelancer, unfortunately the most you can do is ask them to redo it in a more efficient way. This, however, isn’t the case when outsourcing to a company. Since companies have large teams and many minds working on the same project. If you’re unhappy with the output of a particular project you can simply request for a new project manager to take over instead of having to keep explaining your project details or having to find a completely new company. This is also one of the strategies towards effectively managing Outsourcing teams.

  6. Operations upscaling: Outsourcing to a company allows you to scale up your business operations during any time in the project. Since an offshoring service company has a greater source of resources, tools and manpower at their disposal, they also have greater ease in increasing their activities as per your operational requirements, and more importantly, without compromising on quality. Consider outsourcing to a freelancer as a new hurdle in your business growth journey as a freelancer mostly won’t be able to match your technical requirements, remain flexible and adaptable throughout the expansion period or meet stronger deadlines required for upscaling.

The clear choice between outsourcing to a company vs outsourcing to a freelancer is to pick a company, since they offer a much higher function of reliability, quality, professionalism and experience. If you’re looking for the right outsourcing or offshoring agency to pursue, we’ve got all the help you may need! From general book-keeping and tax-return preparation services to business management reports and growth planning, we offer it all through our services.

If you would like to learn more, feel free to get in touch about how we can help you get started with outsourcing and offshoring the right way!


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