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  • As an accounting outsourcing partner to a wide range of UK based organizations, vastly varying in size and scope, we understand that every industry and business has its own unique accounting requirements and cannot be provided with the same pricing schedule.

  • We also understand that some businesses allocate particular budgets to various areas of operations, accounting being one of them. This is why we also offer our accounting services tailored according to an allocated budget assigned by you after finalizing the scope of work.

  • Although there are some key pointers we would like to share with you regardless of the scope of your operations.

  • We would recommend that you have a team leader as a point of contact and then subordinates under him/her. Team leader is someone,

    • with an immense experience in the UK accounting and taxation;

    • who can deal with end clients effectively;

    • who can ensure quality assurance and be able to add value or redefine the entire process to have seamless operations.

  • This would avoid cost at your end in terms of managing the Mumbai team.


Key terms of business

  • The candidates deployed will work exclusively for you on a full time basis.

  • If any candidate(s) leaves or you request a replacement then we will fill in the required positions within a reasonable time frame.

  • We propose to review the arrangement on an annual basis to factor inflation trends, pay rise to staff and currency movements.


Working Hours/Holidays/ Effective Rate Per Hour

  • Mumbai candidates are allowed to take 28 days of total leaves which includes statutory, sick leaves and annual leaves.

  • Leaves will be granted on the basis of work load and with a prior approval of the UK team.

  • The candidates will take important Indian public holidays, however, work will not be affected and we will manage the workflow and staff accordingly. The candidates will be available on demand.

  • The candidates will work for a minimum of 9 hours and 30 minutes including lunch/snacks break of 1 hour.

  • The candidates will maintain a time sheet of minimum of 8 hours a day, which takes it to 40 hours a week.

  • The candidates can work extended hours on weekdays and work over weekends, if required.


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